Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Never look upon

Well when I first came upon this site I was just surfing upon the video gallery. But now I regret even to take a look at that site. The intention of the editor's desk is very clear as to make others look stupid and show Ganguly reign supreme.

This one article published was titled "Biased Cricket Control Board of India". Firstly the title itself is an irony because after reading I felt it was more biased than anyone else mentioned in that article.
It went to question Ganguly's retirement. It even called Dravid and Sachin as the "so called greats of Indian Test Cricket". It tries to persuade the readers that chairman of Selectors is a joke with some meaningless facts. It even took Srinivasan's rumour comment after Perth Test as basis to criticise him.

This is the link to that article:

I am posting my comment to that article just in case they find the truth behind my ideas and delete my comment. Here it is:

Absolute crap!! Well you being such a follower of DADA never listen to his words and that is the biggest irony. Ganguly himself spoke out during his retirement that he was never forced to move out and it was his personal decision. Has he ever said ,even after retirement, that he was forced to exit..NO..If you are going to argue that such things could have happened behind the scenes then it is utter STUPIDITY!!!.

Next, what makes you feel to call Dravid and Sachin as "SO GREATS OF INDIAN TEST CRICKET"?? That sort of a statement is rubbish and it clearly shows you are only so biased with Ganguly and want others to fail while DADA reigns supreme. This article clearly shows you selfishness but nothing towards Indian Cricket.

Then your views on the Krish Srikanth is out of pure agony and a mythical assumption that he forced DADA to retire. So you just go on to say crap which does not have any logical reasoning. Yes he brought in Gony and Badri but never prolonged him to be still continuing. Selectors job is to try and you have picked these two names just to prove a useless point. Those two were shown the door immediately like that of other youngsters which you chose to ignore. Only if those two persons are playing you can use it as a supportive argument otherwise you are thriving on bullshit.

Next about the blizzard performance in Australia. Srikanth could not have picked a much better team than this one. But still in that interview he said "If you want me to take the blame I will" which you chose to ignore because that destroys your intention of blaming him. He can only do a repair job because not a single of us expected this timid batting failure. He did a fair job in the bowling dept after the England tour so one must only hope he does that again and bring in stability to the batting line up.

Finally about Srinivasan comments. Well you are foolish to take that up because he is a man who chooses his words more wisely. Just because you have a dialogue from some corner you pick it up to show your fame. Well the BCCI has clearly ruled out that such a conversation took place.

You just want to find reasons in support to your blog and so you either make it up and pick pieces of garbage and add a sense of history to it and publish it as a big story. NOT EVEN WORTH TAKING A LOOK AT THIS SHIT

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