Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who is facing the thunder down under???

Indian Cricket is now undergoing one of its worst phases ever. The current situation of the Indian cricket team is bizarre. The public is wild and are pouring down ideas and suggestions through the media and social networking sites. Some seem relatively valuable others are nothing but just spams. Today every media has a contract with an ex-cricketer and that has become an integral part or a protocol in order to host a cricket show.

Here is what is really wrecking the hopes of hard core Indian fans (which I am not, Iam more of a cricket fan in general..there is a huge difference). Every media channel is pressurizing to look ahead for youth as substitutes for the seniors. Not even a single channel reports about phasing out which senior. Some talks have been made about VVS Laxman but nevertheless those reporters are trying to take back their comments. “7 consecutive losses and still counting…” I cannot see if the channels are taking pride or concern about it. Not even a single person is spared as even the selectors feel the heat down under from the media. But the media’s primary target has been captain MSD and coach Duncan Fletcher.

MSD: captain cool really??

Some even went on to ask “Is MSD ban a blessing in disguise?”. Well, there is a bigger picture involved in discussing this topic. Clearly, Dhoni has not been a very prolific batsman as he is in the shorter version of the game. I would agree with Ganguly that Dhoni’s performance with the bat affects his captaincy too in a way. What is worse is that he has a terrible average on overseas tours which is heartbreaking for a captain of a test team. He is being very defensive and 4th day of MCG was a classic example when he failed to attack the last pair. That had a reasonable effect in lowering the morale of the team. I always believed had India won the MCG test , not only the series could be heading on a different note but such a panic situation would never have arisen. MSD who often does not think too much ahead created a massive hole in the hearts of Indian fans when he said he would have leave one format by the end of 2013 in order to pursue his cricketing career. Why say that in the middle of an all important overseas tour? This clearly backfired and he is facing the heat from all corners which questions his interest in Test cricket. One important aspect of Dhoni as a captain is his vigilant adamancy when he is being cornered. He always takes the opposite decision than the rational one just to prove his superiority. Why the hell would you drop Ashwin ,your second highest run getter in the series then, and play with 4 seamers. I can’t remember India playing without a regular spinner in the last decade or so. It was the same case in the world cup final as well and the victim was again Ashwin.

Fletcher works under BCCI which is not ECB..

When it comes to Duncan Fletcher his abilities as a tactician can never be questioned as his work with the England team for a decade was priceless and very much appreciated by all the captains he worked with. He cannot be the only person receiving headshots as it is a collective team failure. Also, you cannot compare how he soured seeds in England and not accomplishing it here. He had the ultimate power there in England and his ideas and selection too was widely important. To put it in simple terms he had a broader and larger scope of responsibilities as a coach than how much he has with this Indian team. If at all any question has to be raised it has to be why is he not given that much freedom?

Too much talking…

Clearly all those mouths which were self centered and laughing out loud at the Australian team a few years before will now have to shut their holes. Indian team now enters the transition phase which the Aussies were 3 years before. Forget replacing, even finding a substitute for the greats like Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Justin Langer, Adam Gilchrist, Mathew Hayden took them these many years. For a team with such ample bench strength and promising youngsters it was a haunting task to find stability and they did their waiting for 3 long years. Then imagine the plight of Indian cricket team when they have come to a conclusion to think about phasing out the seniors.
In India some people claiming as cricket fans are nothing but just loafers. When India just achieve something they boast as if they have conquered the world and start tarnishing the opposition. Typical example is when India became #1. I still do not understand the meaning of that ranking because India has never been tested in a tour. All that it has been able to do is defend their supremacy at their own backyard and they had the support with the downfall of the mighty Australians. The timing was so perfect that they had to become #1 according to the rankings at some stage. In the midst of their enjoyment they never saw what was happening at the back stage. England was slowly building a team to match the like of West Indies of 80’s and the Aussies of late 90’s and 2000’s. They never saw how determined OZ were to bring in stability to shattered unit. They never saw that a complete whitewash was coming when they were going to tour overseas to England and Australia.

Media wants to claim its supremacy as well…

I remember media reporting 5 days before the Boxing Day test “OZ PRESS THE PANIC BUTTON”. Well atleast they did it before the series and not suffer like us with 3 nil down and still one more to go. At the end of 3rd test there was too much cricket only this time behind the cameras. Even wrapping up of the day’s show was a daunting task for a common man. Of all the people it is the media which sets the benchmark for other people to fail terribly. The public has to understand that for a media it is news being presented in an attractive manner that matters the most and not the news itself. They enjoy both when India became the world champions and when India was whitewashed because there is news in the making which is one of a kind other than the regular day paperwork. The best way to retard such self loathing bastards is to completely ignore them as today’s media do not act as conveyors of news but as interpreters of false news which claims rumors as the basis for truth.

PS: Good news for Indian cricket is atleast now people are not talking about Sachin's hundredth 100..

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