Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Has the Indo-Pak rivalry been reborn?

An Indo-Pak rivalry is like a spicy dish full of intense chilly which is served real hot and one can sense the intense steam fading in thin air with the appetizing smell whizzing past our noses and a dish whose delicious taste cannot be left untasted. It is a dish that is simply mouthwatering, and at the end of it all it is the one that brings tears poring down from our eyes making us jump out loud "WOW!!!".

Monday, July 16, 2012


“Once I step over that white line I become a bowler. I think there are times when I can bowl as quick as anybody in the world, but I just want to take wickets and I want to scare the shit out of people. I remember hitting him (James Anderson) on the head; I remember good things like that.”- Dale Steyn. “I don’t think the South Africans see me as a target any more than anyone else. I feel completely British”- Jonathan Trott. WARNING ALERT: The mind games have already begun. Let us see what these guys have in their lockers for the big game coming up on 19th this month at The Oval.